Posted: 19 March 2015 in On the Pilgrim's Road, Poems
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Peace In Our Time

So much noise and anger,
passive aggression,
or simply aggression.

Oh, for a quiet compromise.
Does it really matter, that matter
that issue, that principle?
Should it cost
me my job, my marriage, my life?

I’m a Chamberlain seeking a Mr Hitler, to get “peace in our time”.
I’m a criminal seeking my victim, to get peace in my mind.
I’m a Nixon seeking my Mao, to save a generation.
I’m Judas seeking Caiaphas, to save our Saviour and our Nation.
I’m a Lion seeking a Lamb, to lay down with.

The Best makes way for the Good.
The sun sets on The Terror
Insomnias and nightmares, good bye.
Quiet lives and sweet dreams arrive.

(c) Bill


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