Everybody laughed…. But you

Posted: 18 February 2015 in On the Pilgrim's Road, Poems, Prisons
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Jeering crowd

Everybody laughed when I told them
I wanted to follow you, I wanted to follow you

Everybody grinned they teased me bad
God, Jesus, Bible, I must be effing mad
Everybody laughed till they were blue
They didn’t believe your words were true
Would cost me everything
Right now, this life’s not worth anything

Everybody laughed……….. but you

It’s easy to lose touch
With all the friends you like so much, liked so much
They couldn’t take me seriously
Abandoned m

Everybody lost touch ……….. but you

Sometimes I heard of things they’d done
Hot girls, money by the ton
They made the scene, they’d shout and scream
Everybody left me saying they were glad
But I’m not sad

Everybody left ……….. but you

Everybody grasped till they were through
It’s all they thought that they could do
In sin city they whored, up the Golden Mile they roared
Me, me, me, not you, you, you, was their lord

Everybody got wasted ……….. but you

Time has passed and the word on the street
Some are broke and others back inside, life’s not so sweet
Cause everybody fell

Everybody fell ………… but you

But You
But You
But You

Based on Sting’s “Everybody laughed but you” in 10 Summoner’s Tales 1993



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