Je Suis ‘Noon’

Posted: 11 January 2015 in Understanding Others
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Je ne suis pas Charlie, juif, Ahmed. Je suis ‘noon’

And for some it is ‘High Noon’ indeed. This ‘noon’ is the 14th letter of the Arabic alphabet and it is being daubed on the homes of Christians in Iraq, by Isis jihadis when they take over. The ن stands for Nasara or Nazarenes, a pejorative Arabic word for Christians. They are marked men. The oppressor threatens to forcibly convert, or expel, or kill not just Christians, but Jews, Yasidis, Shias and Sunnis of other schools.

Aren’t we Charlie then? It’s either black or its white? We are with Charlie or we are with the monsters with AK47s? Oh for the “Cowboys & Indians” simplicity of yore. People of serious Christian faith shudder at the slaughter in Paris. But do not rejoice either at the acid secular satire on all that people of any faith or sense of the sacred, the holy, the transcendent. Christians do not rejoice as the name Allah (used by Arab Christians from pre-Islamic times) is assaulted by:

  • secular intellectuals;
  • Islamophobic people really in fear of cultural or economic change;
  • or by young killers beguiled by extremist theologies.

The followers of Jesus lament the lost lives in Paris, but also those in Syria and Iraq. God gets blamed for what we do! Je suis ‘noon’. Je suis Charlie, juif, Ahmed, aussi.



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