Sunday’s gone. But Friday’s been.

Posted: 20 April 2014 in Poems
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Jesus and Pilate

Resurrection power – an empty tomb. Oh yes
Bereavement loss – an empty bed. Oh no.
Miraculous healings –yes please.
Creeping Alzheimer’s – no thanks.
Connecting with friends – my likes up
Betrayed with a kiss – more than your account will be closed.
Reunions by the Garden Tomb – how picturesque
Gang stabbing in Peckham – less picturesque
Easter Sunday’s gone, but what about Good Friday?

Who will speak to the bereaved?
Who will embrace the mentally distressed?
Who will mourn the betrayer?
The Friday guy
Sunday’s been, but thank God for Good Friday.
The debt has been paid.
Gently, over 25 years.
With a lump sum to me at the end
The bigger debt has been paid
Up front, in one instalment
Not a pound of flesh, but perhaps 160 pounds
Bloody and raw
Sunday’s blessed, but thank God for Good Friday too.

In response to Pastor S M Lockridge’s It’s Friday – But Sunday’s Comin’


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