John Terry – let’s hear some real cursing

Posted: 28 September 2012 in Poems, Understanding Others

Let’s hear it for cursing

We want more cursing, Terry-boy,
We need more strong words, not less.
What really gets your goat, John-o
You’ll need something more, next time
                You are suffering from defamation inflation
Let’s hear something frighteningly strong,
For some injustice that make you sick
No a pathetic f****** b**** c***
Curse that fig/apple/whatever tree.
                Will it shrivel at your lips?
The surrounding crowd of sycophants, go on –
Unmask them as broods of “snakes and vipers”
Jesus knew the real villains,
The money lenders and LIBOR bankers
                Go ahead, slander them as “dens of robbers”.
The ones who find fault, serial opposers of everything noble in life
Come on J-T – diss’em.
Try: hypocrites, blind guides, self indulgent
Full of rotting, stinking putrefaction
                Now… that’s something for the Magistrates Court
Instead we get f****** b**** c***
We’re drowning in an ocean of f*** and c***
My keyboard complains “!, *, # are overused”
Strong language has no value.
                We are suffering from defamation hyper-inflation


In prison recently, a prisoner said to me that they were watched all the time. Start cursing your fellow offender big time, and you’ll get more than four weeks loss of remission by a long way!

If you are going to curse, do it with purpose. Jesus rebuked society’s leaders and opinion formers with language that was regarded as an incitement to revolt then (Matthew chapter 23). The same words today would get you arrested. Standing on scripture, empowered by the Holy Spirit, may our words have God’s sharpness also.


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