This Christmas – curse God and Die?

Posted: 22 December 2010 in On the Pilgrim's Road
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More than 3 kings leave Kisiizi Hospital Children's Ward. Looking for a bus that will take them to Bethlehem?

Christmas? Despite vigorous searches, still no job.  The lovely cat that I got for company while I job hunt has had to go back as I break out in allergic reaction. The weather is bitterly cold and the house is cold. Life is not a picnic at present.  Remaining in Kisiizi Uganda would’ve been the easier option for us both (but not the right one). Time to “curse God and die” (Job 2 v9)? 

What about the 2.5 million other unemployed in Britain? What about the reported 12.2 million other allergy suffers in Britain? Let alone the poor of Uganda and the rest of the world (see picture).  “God will provide.” Yes, but let’s not be puerile about it. He expects people to act: good government and social support to assist the unemployed; common sense and good health care to assist the allergy suffers (and the really sick); good conscience and justice to aid the poor of Uganda and elsewhere, etc.

As for me? I am aware of God’s presence in this in-between place, in this liminal space. I will not curse God. Like Job, I will not turn my back on the values and sense of purpose that took me to RNIB and Kisiizi. I will stand firm.  Of course I must acknowledge “I spoke of things I did not understand, things too wonderful for me to know” (Job 42 v3).

To those of faith, many of whom face far worse this Christmas: unemployment, debt, serious illness, family breakup, persecution – while others are being disillusioned by puerile theologies, you (and I), like Job, must stand firm- to the end.


  1. Ed Jones says:

    Sorry things aren’t going well. Decided not to go to India, then?

    Wishing you a happier 2011.


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