Feasting in Lent?

Posted: 27 February 2008 in On the Pilgrim's Road
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Old Nikon SLRsFeasting in Lent?  Open that long saved bottle of wine!  All that stuff carefully saved in the freezer – now is the time to bring it out!  Hardly seems to be the right thing in Lent.  Well – it was just the right thing.  For in January and February we worked very hard indeed to pack up the house and move to Redcliffe College in time for the start of term on 25th January.  Digging up the garden, redecorating the house, new carpets, re-tiling in the bathroom, new household wiring and fuse-boards, and getting rid of beloved stuff that was essentially junk.  For instance the Nikon SLRs that were Bill’s dad’s and his 21st birthday present (see photo).  As well as eating our way though the contents of the freezer.  In essence we have given up the house for Lent and for the next few years.  Nevertheless, there were pleasant surprises.  Last week I walked into the kitchen to find Jesus was in the kitchen, on the floor, head inside a kitchen cabinet scrubbing it clean.  How else whould you describe a member of your congregation on her knees washing clean your kitchen, other than to make the obvious parallel with Jesus on his knees washing the feet of His Disciples.  Our friend was resistant to the analogy, but then – humility fits the pattern too.  Or the rubbish that was taken away by another friend on Sunday night.  Or the bed of the night that was offered at the last minute.  People talk about the support Third World Christians offer each-other.  Some First World Christians offer it too.


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